gceutil - ActiveState ActiveGo 1.8

Package gceutil

import "go4.org/cloud/google/gceutil"

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Package gceutil provides utility functions to help with instances on Google Compute Engine.

func CoreOSImageURL

func CoreOSImageURL(cl *http.Client) (string, error)

CoreOSImageURL returns the URL of the latest stable CoreOS image for running on Google Compute Engine.

func InstanceGroups

func InstanceGroups(svc *compute.Service, proj, zone string) (map[string]InstanceGroupAndManager, error)

InstanceGroups returns all the instance groups in a project's zone, along with their associated InstanceGroupManagers. The returned map is keyed by the instance group identifier URL.

type InstanceGroupAndManager

InstanceGroupAndManager contains both an InstanceGroup and its InstanceGroupManager, if any.

type InstanceGroupAndManager struct {
    Group *compute.InstanceGroup

    // Manager is the manager of the Group. It may be nil.
    Manager *compute.InstanceGroupManager