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Directory /src/github.com/prometheus

Name Synopsis
api Package api provides clients for the HTTP APIs.
v1 Package v1 provides bindings to the Prometheus HTTP API v1: http://prometheus.io/docs/querying/api/
random A simple example exposing fictional RPC latencies with different types of random distributions (uniform, normal, and exponential) as Prometheus metrics.
simple A minimal example of how to include Prometheus instrumentation.
prometheus Package prometheus provides metrics primitives to instrument code for monitoring.
graphite Package graphite provides a bridge to push Prometheus metrics to a Graphite server.
promhttp Package promhttp provides tooling around HTTP servers and clients.
push Package push provides functions to push metrics to a Pushgateway.
go Package io_prometheus_client is a generated protocol buffer package.
expfmt Package expfmt contains tools for reading and writing Prometheus metrics.
model Package model contains common data structures that are shared across Prometheus components and libraries.
procfs Package procfs provides functions to retrieve system, kernel and process metrics from the pseudo-filesystem proc.
bcache Package bcache provides access to statistics exposed by the bcache (Linux block cache).
sysfs Package sysfs provides functions to retrieve system and kernel metrics from the pseudo-filesystem sys.
xfs Package xfs provides access to statistics exposed by the XFS filesystem.