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Package mmvdump

import ""

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Package mmvdump implements a go port of the C mmvdump utility included in PCP Core

It has been written for maximum portability with the C equivalent, without having to use cgo or any other ninja stuff

the main difference is that the reader is separate from the cli with the reading primarily implemented in mmvdump.go while the cli is implemented in cmd/mmvdump

the cli application is completely go gettable and outputs the same things, in mostly the same way as the C cli app, to try it out,

“` go get “`


const (
    // NameMax is the maximum allowed length of a name
    NameMax = 64

    // StringMax is the maximum allowed length of a string
    StringMax = 256

    // NoIndom is a constant used to indicate absence of an indom from a metric
    NoIndom = -1

Byte Lengths for Different Components

const (
    HeaderLength         uint64 = 40
    TocLength            uint64 = 16
    Metric1Length        uint64 = 104
    Metric2Length        uint64 = 48
    ValueLength          uint64 = 32
    Instance1Length      uint64 = 80
    Instance2Length      uint64 = 24
    InstanceDomainLength uint64 = 32
    StringLength         uint64 = 256

MMVVersion is the current mmv format version

const MMVVersion = 1

func FixedVal

func FixedVal(data uint64, t Type) (interface{}, error)

FixedVal will infer a fixed size value from the passed data

Header describes the data in a MMV header

type Header struct {
    Magic            [4]byte
    Version          int32
    G1, G2           uint64
    Toc              int32
    Flag             int32
    Process, Cluster int32

func Dump

func Dump(data []byte) (
    h *Header,
    tocs []*Toc,
    metrics map[uint64]Metric,
    values map[uint64]*Value,
    instances map[uint64]Instance,
    indoms map[uint64]*InstanceDomain,
    strings map[uint64]*String,
    err error,

Dump creates a data dump from the passed data

type Instance

Instance is the base type for all instances

type Instance interface {
    Indom() uint64
    Internal() int32
    Padding() uint32

type Instance1

Instance1 defines the contents in a valid mmv1 instance

type Instance1 struct {
    External [NameMax]byte

type Instance2

Instance2 defines the contents in a valid mmv2 instance

type Instance2 struct {
    External uint64

type InstanceBase

InstanceBase defines the common contents in a valid instance

type InstanceBase struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

func (InstanceBase) Indom

func (i InstanceBase) Indom() uint64

Indom returns the indom offset

func (InstanceBase) Internal

func (i InstanceBase) Internal() int32

Internal returns the internal id

func (InstanceBase) Padding

func (i InstanceBase) Padding() uint32

Padding returns the padding value

type InstanceDomain

InstanceDomain defines the contents in a valid instance domain

type InstanceDomain struct {
    Serial, Count               uint32
    Offset, Shorttext, Longtext uint64

type Metric

Metric is the base type for all metrics

type Metric interface {
    Item() uint32
    Typ() Type
    Sem() Semantics
    Unit() Unit
    Indom() int32
    Padding() uint32
    ShortText() uint64
    LongText() uint64

type Metric1

Metric1 defines the contents in a valid Metric

type Metric1 struct {
    Name [NameMax]byte

type Metric2

Metric2 defines the contents in a valid Metric

type Metric2 struct {
    Name uint64

type MetricBase

MetricBase defines the common contents in a valid Metric

type MetricBase struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

func (MetricBase) Indom

func (m MetricBase) Indom() int32

Indom returns the indom id

func (MetricBase) Item

func (m MetricBase) Item() uint32

Item returns the item id

func (MetricBase) LongText

func (m MetricBase) LongText() uint64

LongText returns the longtext offset

func (MetricBase) Padding

func (m MetricBase) Padding() uint32

Padding returns the padding value

func (MetricBase) Sem

func (m MetricBase) Sem() Semantics

Sem returns the semantics

func (MetricBase) ShortText

func (m MetricBase) ShortText() uint64

ShortText returns the shorttext offset

func (MetricBase) Typ

func (m MetricBase) Typ() Type

Typ returns the type

func (MetricBase) Unit

func (m MetricBase) Unit() Unit

Unit returns the unit

type Semantics

Semantics represents an enumerated type representing all possible semantics of a metric

type Semantics int32

Values for Semantics

const (
    NoSemantics Semantics = 0


func (Semantics) String

func (i Semantics) String() string

type String

String wraps the payload for a PCP String

type String struct {
    Payload [StringMax]byte

type Toc

Toc defines the contents in a valid TOC

type Toc struct {
    Type   TocType
    Count  int32
    Offset uint64

type TocType

TocType is an enumerated type with different types as values

type TocType int32

Values for TocType

const (
    TocIndoms TocType = iota + 1

func (TocType) String

func (i TocType) String() string

type Type

Type is an enumerated type representing all valid types for a metric

type Type int32

Possible values for a Type

const (
    NoSupportType Type = iota - 1
    UnknownType Type = 255

func (Type) String

func (i Type) String() string

type Unit

Unit is an enumerated type with all possible units as values

type Unit uint32

Values for Space Units

const (
    ByteUnit Unit = 1<<28 | iota<<16

Values for Time Units

const (
    NanosecondUnit Unit = 1<<24 | iota<<12

Values for Count Units

const (
    OneUnit Unit = 1<<20 | iota<<8

func (Unit) String

func (i Unit) String() string

type Value

Value defines the contents in a PCP Value

type Value struct {
    // uint64 is a holder type here, while printing it is expected that
    // the user will infer the value using the Val functions
    Val uint64

    Extra    int64
    Metric   uint64
    Instance uint64


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