stats - ActiveState ActiveGo 1.8

Package stats

import ""

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Package stats contains statistics for converting non-TSM shards to TSM.

type Stats

Stats are the statistics captured while converting non-TSM shards to TSM

type Stats struct {
    NanFiltered     uint64
    InfFiltered     uint64
    FieldsFiltered  uint64
    PointsWritten   uint64
    PointsRead      uint64
    TsmFilesCreated uint64
    TsmBytesWritten uint64
    CompletedShards uint64
    TotalTime       time.Duration

func (*Stats) AddPointsRead

func (s *Stats) AddPointsRead(n int)

AddPointsRead increments the number of read points.

func (*Stats) AddPointsWritten

func (s *Stats) AddPointsWritten(n int)

AddPointsWritten increments the number of written points.

func (*Stats) AddTSMBytes

func (s *Stats) AddTSMBytes(n uint32)

AddTSMBytes increments the number of TSM Bytes.

func (*Stats) IncrFiltered

func (s *Stats) IncrFiltered()

IncrFiltered increments the number of fields filtered.

func (*Stats) IncrInf

func (s *Stats) IncrInf()

IncrInf increments the number of Infs filtered.

func (*Stats) IncrNaN

func (s *Stats) IncrNaN()

IncrNaN increments the number of NaNs filtered.

func (*Stats) IncrTSMFileCount

func (s *Stats) IncrTSMFileCount()

IncrTSMFileCount increments the number of TSM files created.