prepared_query - ActiveState ActiveGo 1.8

Package prepared_query

import ""

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func IsTemplate

func IsTemplate(query *structs.PreparedQuery) bool

IsTemplate returns true if the given query is a template.

type CompiledTemplate

CompiledTemplate is an opaque object that can be used later to render a prepared query template.

type CompiledTemplate struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

func Compile

func Compile(query *structs.PreparedQuery) (*CompiledTemplate, error)

Compile validates a prepared query template and returns an opaque compiled object that can be used later to render the template.

func (*CompiledTemplate) Render

func (ct *CompiledTemplate) Render(name string) (*structs.PreparedQuery, error)

Render takes a compiled template and renders it for the given name. For example, if the user looks up foobar.query.consul via DNS then we will call this function with "foobar" on the compiled template.