agent - ActiveState ActiveGo 1.8

Package agent

import ""

Overview ▾

Package agent provides a logical endpoint for Consul agents in the network. agent data originates from Serf gossip and is primarily used to communicate Consul server information. Gossiped information that ends up in Server contains the necessary metadata required for servers.Manager to select which server an RPC request should be routed to.

func IsConsulServer

func IsConsulServer(m serf.Member) (bool, *Server)

IsConsulServer returns true if a serf member is a consul server agent. Returns a bool and a pointer to the Server.

type Key

Key is used in maps and for equality tests. A key is based on endpoints.

type Key struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*Key) Equal

func (k *Key) Equal(x *Key) bool

Equal compares two Key objects

type Server

Server is used to return details of a consul server

type Server struct {
    Name        string
    ID          string
    Datacenter  string
    Port        int
    WanJoinPort int
    Bootstrap   bool
    Expect      int
    Build       version.Version
    Version     int
    RaftVersion int
    NonVoter    bool
    Addr        net.Addr
    Status      serf.MemberStatus

    // If true, use TLS when connecting to this server
    UseTLS bool

func (*Server) Key

func (s *Server) Key() *Key

Key returns the corresponding Key

func (*Server) String

func (s *Server) String() string

String returns a string representation of Server