jwt - ActiveState ActiveGo 1.8

Package jwt

import "github.com/go-kit/kit/auth/jwt"

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const (
    // JWTTokenContextKey holds the key used to store a JWT Token in the
    // context.
    JWTTokenContextKey contextKey = "JWTToken"

    // JWTClaimsContextKey holds the key used to store the JWT Claims in the
    // context.
    JWTClaimsContextKey contextKey = "JWTClaims"


var (
    // ErrTokenContextMissing denotes a token was not passed into the parsing
    // middleware's context.
    ErrTokenContextMissing = errors.New("token up for parsing was not passed through the context")

    // ErrTokenInvalid denotes a token was not able to be validated.
    ErrTokenInvalid = errors.New("JWT Token was invalid")

    // ErrTokenExpired denotes a token's expire header (exp) has since passed.
    ErrTokenExpired = errors.New("JWT Token is expired")

    // ErrTokenMalformed denotes a token was not formatted as a JWT token.
    ErrTokenMalformed = errors.New("JWT Token is malformed")

    // ErrTokenNotActive denotes a token's not before header (nbf) is in the
    // future.
    ErrTokenNotActive = errors.New("token is not valid yet")

    // ErrUnexpectedSigningMethod denotes a token was signed with an unexpected
    // signing method.
    ErrUnexpectedSigningMethod = errors.New("unexpected signing method")

func FromGRPCContext

func FromGRPCContext() grpc.ClientRequestFunc

FromGRPCContext moves JWT token from context to grpc metadata. Particularly useful for clients.

func FromHTTPContext

func FromHTTPContext() http.RequestFunc

FromHTTPContext moves JWT token from context to request header. Particularly useful for clients.

func NewParser

func NewParser(keyFunc jwt.Keyfunc, method jwt.SigningMethod) endpoint.Middleware

NewParser creates a new JWT token parsing middleware, specifying a jwt.Keyfunc interface and the signing method. NewParser adds the resulting claims to endpoint context or returns error on invalid token. Particularly useful for servers.

func NewSigner

func NewSigner(kid string, key []byte, method jwt.SigningMethod, claims Claims) endpoint.Middleware

NewSigner creates a new JWT token generating middleware, specifying key ID, signing string, signing method and the claims you would like it to contain. Tokens are signed with a Key ID header (kid) which is useful for determining the key to use for parsing. Particularly useful for clients.

func ToGRPCContext

func ToGRPCContext() grpc.ServerRequestFunc

ToGRPCContext moves JWT token from grpc metadata to context. Particularly userful for servers.

func ToHTTPContext

func ToHTTPContext() http.RequestFunc

ToHTTPContext moves JWT token from request header to context. Particularly useful for servers.

type Claims

Claims is a map of arbitrary claim data.

type Claims map[string]interface{}