queue - ActiveState ActiveGo 1.8

Package queue

import "github.com/eapache/queue"

Overview ▾

Package queue provides a fast, ring-buffer queue based on the version suggested by Dariusz Górecki. Using this instead of other, simpler, queue implementations (slice+append or linked list) provides substantial memory and time benefits, and fewer GC pauses.

The queue implemented here is as fast as it is for an additional reason: it is *not* thread-safe.

type Queue

Queue represents a single instance of the queue data structure.

type Queue struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

func New

func New() *Queue

New constructs and returns a new Queue.

func (*Queue) Add

func (q *Queue) Add(elem interface{})

Add puts an element on the end of the queue.

func (*Queue) Get

func (q *Queue) Get(i int) interface{}

Get returns the element at index i in the queue. If the index is invalid, the call will panic.

func (*Queue) Length

func (q *Queue) Length() int

Length returns the number of elements currently stored in the queue.

func (*Queue) Peek

func (q *Queue) Peek() interface{}

Peek returns the element at the head of the queue. This call panics if the queue is empty.

func (*Queue) Remove

func (q *Queue) Remove()

Remove removes the element from the front of the queue. If you actually want the element, call Peek first. This call panics if the queue is empty.