netutil - ActiveState ActiveGo 1.8

Package netutil

import ""

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Package netutil implements network-related utility functions.

func DropPort

func DropPort(port int) error

func GetDefaultHost

func GetDefaultHost() (string, error)

GetDefaultHost fetches the a resolvable name that corresponds to the machine's default routable interface

func GetDefaultInterfaces

func GetDefaultInterfaces() (map[string]uint8, error)

GetDefaultInterfaces fetches the device name of default routable interface.

func IsNetworkTimeoutError

func IsNetworkTimeoutError(err error) bool

func RecoverPort

func RecoverPort(port int) error

func RemoveLatency

func RemoveLatency() error

func SetLatency

func SetLatency(ms, rv int) error

func URLStringsEqual

func URLStringsEqual(ctx context.Context, a []string, b []string) bool