util - ActiveState ActiveGo 1.8

Package util

import "github.com/aws/aws-sdk-go/private/util"

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func Capitalize

func Capitalize(s string) string

Capitalize capitalizes the first character of the string.

func GoFmt

func GoFmt(buf string) string

GoFmt returns the Go formated string of the input.

Panics if the format fails.

func PrettyPrint

func PrettyPrint(v interface{}) string

PrettyPrint generates a human readable representation of the value v. All values of v are recursively found and pretty printed also.

func SortXML

func SortXML(r io.Reader) string

SortXML sorts the reader's XML elements

func SortedKeys

func SortedKeys(m map[string]interface{}) []string

SortedKeys returns a sorted slice of keys of a map.

func Trim

func Trim(s string) string

Trim removes all leading and trailing white space.

All consecutive spaces will be reduced to a single space.